X115® Antiage System

According to clinical studies on the X115® New Generation Skin Care treatment, improvements in skin hydration are immediate and visible within a week, followed by improvements to collagen density, which increases significantly after one month of treatment, and then increases further over the next 30 days.

The improvement to skin elasticity, on the other hand, is a slower process, as the metabolism of the responsible protein (elastin) is extremely slow; in the clinical studies carried out, after 60 days, there was also a tendency to improve this parameter. We do not have clinical studies lasting more than 60 days, however, we can boast hundreds of enthusiastic reviews from our customers, on , social network, amazon and independent and certified review aggregators, such as Trustpilot.

In essence, although the anti-wrinkle effects may vary from person to person, depending on many factors (diet, age, skin type, etc.), the results on fine wrinkles from dehydration are almost immediate; the results of skin "redensification" are a little slower (30/60 days), whereas in the case of deep wrinkles, we enter a difficult area even for aesthetic medicine, so there is no guarantee of significant improvements. For Buy online on the results of clinical studies conducted on X115, click here.

As far as customer feedback is concerned, in general, those who have already tried other similar products undoubtedly recognise the superior qualities and effectiveness of our treatments, as evidenced by the numerous 5-star reviews.
The few negative responses are generally left by customers who try their hand at anti-wrinkle creams and supplements for the first time, expecting a miracle (e.g., rejuvenating their 20 year old appearance after 15 days of anti-wrinkle treatment) and are inevitably disappointed.

The X115® treatment was developed for the combined use of cream and supplement; only in this way is it possible to provide the body with the concentrations of active ingredients necessary to produce significant results, exceeding the normal limits of effectiveness of anti-ageing creams and supplements used individually.

However, in the knowledge that the effects will be partial, you can choose to start the treatment with only one of the two products.

To fully appreciate the benefits of the treatment, it takes at least 3 months of continuous use. However, it is advisable to follow the treatment for an indefinite period of time: in the same way as benefits achieved, e.g., through physical training and an appropriate diet are lost over time, when treatment with X115® is stopped, the skin will gradually lose the benefits achieved.

With this in mind, we have therefore drawn up an appropriate treatment plan: From the age of 25-30, X115®+PLUS2 New Generation Skin Care is recommended for a period of 30-90 days, depending on the needs (age, depth of wrinkles, diet, sun exposure, etc.).

At the end of this initial "impact phase" with X115®+PLUS2, we recommend switching to the basic, continuous and maintenance treatment with X115® Primary, a "Day & Night" tablet supplement.
During the maintenance phase with X115® Primary, when the seasons change, in case of heavy stress or sun exposure etc., it is advisable to resume the intake of X115®+PLUS2 (stopping that of X115® Primary) for short cycles of 15-30 days

X115® New Generation Cream treatment can be continued easily throughout the year, taking care to apply a sunscreen after the application of the cream in the summer months or in case of intense sun exposure

The X115® brand was born in 2011, during studies to develop a cosmetic alternative to botulinum injections. Let's briefly review the history of its birth and the evolution of its products.

The X115® Philosophy

Advertising campaigns for new anti-wrinkle products on the market are often accompanied by misleading promotional messages that seek to magnify anti-wrinkle properties that actually do not existi

Often, marketing managers exaggerate to such an extent that they face heavy penalties for disseminating misleading advertising, attributing unproven qualities to cosmetics and supplements. The simple adjective Anti-Wrinkle, for example, should be reserved only for those products that have demonstrated this property through clinical studies, for example by reducing the depth of wrinkles measured by microcameras. However, often for economic reasons we tend to bypass this step, limiting ourselves to riding the wave of novelty and allocating huge resources to hammering advertising campaigns and strategies to grab medical prescriptions; we end up leaving out the most important aspect of the anti-wrinkle product: effectiveness.

Rather than investing in research and product quality, people prefer to broadcast photos and films of the "before and after treatment" on television channels and websites, which have clearly been retouched on the computer. At the same time, advertising campaigns are delegated to companies located in countries that cannot be affected by these sanctions, everything is marked by a intricate "satisfied and reimbursed" formula and that's it. In other instances, survey results from user groups are flagged, which after a certain period of time state, for example, that the product "visibly reduces wrinkles". Naturally, as the company itself commissions the survey, there is a strong doubt as to the reliability of these advertising messages.

The poor consumer, on the other hand, tends to chase, purchase after purchase, the latest illusion, in the hope of having finally found an effective anti-wrinkle product. Only those who read up on the properties of the various ingredients in accredited textbooks and scientific websites can avoid these commercial traps.

In this sea of false promises, X115® stands out, the beauty treatment created in 2011 to overcome the limits of effectiveness of anti-ageing cosmetics, proposing itself as the best cosmetic and nutraceutical alternative to botulinum injections.

The birth of X115


To achieve this ambitious goal, it was first decided to include cosmetic ingredients in the formula that are capable of replicating the action of the botulinum toxin, such as hexapeptides and GABA. Due to the fundamental role that free radicals play in all extrinsic ageing processes due to environmental factors (particularly UV radiation), powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lipoic acid and Vitamin A palmitate are also included in the formula. To improve skin hydration, which is essential to ensure a toned and luminous appearance, the formula is enriched with several substances that can bind water in the epidermis, such as: panthenol, allantoin and hyaluronic acid. Finally, to nourish the skin, natural extracts that are particularly rich in vitamins, antioxidants and eudermic unsaturated lipids with nourishing properties were chosen, such as Argan oil, Shea butter, Acai oil and unsaponifiable Avocado oil. The formula of the X115® New Generation Cream cosmetic is adapted to the different needs of male and female skin by splitting into two distinct formulations: X115® man and X115® woman, very similar in active ingredients but different in quality and quantity of lipids

After completing the X115® New Generation Cream project, although being aware of having developed an excellent anti-wrinkle cosmetic, the research team was still not satisfied: the legislative constraints that limit the maximum concentrations of active ingredients included in the formulation, as well as the need to exploit different synergistic substances to deal with skin ageing from multiple points of view, meant that - despite the efforts of research and experimentation - at normal use doses, the cosmetic was still far from reproducing the "miraculous" effects of botulinum toxin. In order to achieve this objective and optimise the anti-wrinkle effectiveness of X115, it was decided to go beyond the technical and legislative limits by designing a synergistic supplement capable of supplying the body with many of the substances contained in the cosmetic. In this way, the skin is reached by a high quantity of anti-wrinkle active ingredients, both from the outside with the cream and from the blood containing the absorbed active ingredients of the supplement in the intestine.

This is how X115® New Generation Skin Care was born, consisting of two supplements contained in a single product, designed to achieve excellence in terms of antioxidant potential and at the same time provide valuable nutrients for skin hydration, elasticity and firmness. The product is formulated in soft gel capsules of different colours. The gold capsules, featuring resveratrol, lipoic acid, echinacea angustifolia titrated in echinacoside, olive biopolyphenols, flavonoids from cocoa beans, and tocotrienols, have mainly antioxidant and skin firming enhancement functions. The grey capsules, with vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid, have a mainly nutritional function, helping to support the structure of the dermis, and moisturising (hyaluronic acid is essential for maintaining the hydration of the dermis).


In 2014, the formulation of the X115® New Generation Skin Care supplement was further enhanced and optimised; in particular, the doses of collagen (1480%), hyaluronic acid (192%), resveratrol (147%), vitamin E (200%) and vitamin C (789%) were increased, enriching the formulation with extracts of echinacea, zinc and copper. The rich quantity of ingredients has led to the abandonment of capsules in favour of vials (day formulation) and sachets (night formulation).

The new formula, called X115®+PLUS2 New Generation Skin Care, has brought with it numerous advantages; the most notable of which are:

  • possibility of taking it every other day, intensifying the treatment (once a day) in the first three months and, subsequently, in periods of greater psycho-physical stress;
  • versatility of the supplement, which, in addition to helping to combat wrinkles and signs of ageing, also acts as a supplement:
    • antioxidant
    • for the well-being of the microcirculation (against tired and heavy legs);
    • for cellulite imperfections;
    • for the well-being of cartilage, joints and bones;
    • for nails and hair;
    • strengthening of the immune system;
    • sun protection.
    The combination of X115+Plus with supplements belonging to the above categories is normally considered superfluous, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.

In 2017, the X115®+PLUS2 formula was further enhanced and optimised; in particular, the doses of collagen were increased (+25%), enriching the formulation with Coenzyme Q10, Folic Acid and Biotin.

X115® supplements

Our products contain high quality hydrolysed collagen (Peptan) type I and III extracted from fish (Tilapia and Pangasius) farmed by the French company Peptan Rousselot. All fish used for collagen extraction comes from establishments registered with the European Union for the import of edible fish, suitable for human consumption and guaranteed by health certificates signed by official veterinarians.

Due to the presence of Fish Derivatives, the product is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding PLANT COLLAGEN: Collagen is a typically animal protein, which is not present in the plant world. That which is commonly (and improperly) called "plant collagen" is actually a mixture of fibrous and gelling substances extracted from certain algae. The most classic example is agar-agar, which is used to replace animal gelatin in vegan recipes. In any case, whatever the origin, plant collagen has no direct benefit to our skin, since it is a completely different substance to animal collagen.

Our supplements contain an important concentration of alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant known for its ability to increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. For this reason, diabetics and people treated with hypoglycemic drugs in general should consult their doctor before use to assess any reduction in the pharmaceutical dosage

Yes, but it is important to obtain prior medical consent, in order to exclude any possible pharmacological interference beforehand. In general, it would be advisable to delay the intake of supplements by at least three hours from taking any medication.

There are no specific contraindications at hepatic or thyroid level; however, for any kind of disease, a prior medical consultation is highly recommended in order to ascertain the adequacy of the supplement to one's own health conditions

During storage, the presence of a slight pale deposit at the bottom of the vial is normal. This deposit is due to the presence of plant extracts, it does not alter the quality of the product and does not mean that the product is affected.

DID YOU KNOW THAT...: Many manufacturers of supplements containing plant extracts in liquid form, filter their products to give it a clear appearance and thus improve the appeal to the consumer. However, such an operation eliminates the plant extract residues, which are still often rich in active ingredients that have not been extracted by the solvent.

It is not recommended. It is recommended to add some lemon juice and possibly a little sweetener. The contents of the vials, on the other hand, can be diluted in a little water.

Bear in mind that X115®+PLUS2 has a particularly high concentration of active ingredients, therefore its taste is more like medicine than orangeade. However, the vast majority of people do not experience any particular problems in taking it

Absolutely not. As this is a plant-based product, it is normal for there to be slight differences in flavour between batches. In addition, we continuously improve the excipient and raw material profile to correct the taste and optimise the effectiveness of our anti-wrinkle supplement.

Yes, all supplements are filed with the Italian Ministry of Health according to the current regulations. See Codes 72909, 79310, 106811. in the Register of Supplements of the Ministry of Health.

X115® Anti-Wrinkle Creams

X115® New Generation Cream Man-Woman is a cosmetic with an anti-ageing - anti-wrinkle action, specific for men's skin, but also suitable for women with particularly oily and impure skin or who, for other reasons, need a light and rapidly absorbed cream, especially for the first signs of wrinkles.

Similarly, X115® New Generation Cream Woman can also be used by men with particularly dry, stressed and dull skin

X115® New Generation Cream Woman is an anti-wrinkle cream, specific for women's skin, but also suitable for men with particularly dry, dull and stressed skin.

Similarly, X115® New Generation Cream Man can also be used by women with oily and impure skin or who, for other reasons, need a light and rapidly absorbed cream, especially for the first signs of wrinkles

X115® New Generation Cream does not contain the chemical and physical filters that characterise the so-called "sun products": this is to avoid losing the concentrations of the anti-ageing active ingredients that make it stand out

Therefore, in case of prolonged exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps, it is recommended to apply a sun product suitable for your phototype.

However, a clarification is necessary: sun filters act by reflecting light and/or absorbing it and transforming it into longer wavelengths that are less harmful to the skin. This action does not apply to X115® New Generation Cream due to the absence of these filters. However, remember that UV rays are extremely dangerous for the skin because they lead to the formation of free radicals and in this sense X115® is an excellent product, as it is particularly rich in antioxidants (which neutralise free radicals) both in the cream and in the associated supplement. Therefore, while sun filters act by preventing harmful UV radiation from reaching the skin and causing damage, X115® products significantly mitigate the damage caused by free radicals

Absolutely not. We would like to remind you that since 2004 there has been a legislative ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals, including anti-wrinkle creams, throughout Europe. In addition, since 2009, there has also been a ban on the testing of cosmetic ingredients on animals. This means that for many years now no animal studies can be carried out within the EU to test cosmetic ingredients. Therefore, the safety of our cosmetics is assessed through methodologies and skills that assure the consumer without resorting to animal testing.

Purchase X115®

Yes, our company is the exclusive producer and distributor of X115® anti-wrinkle products. The entire production process, from the processing of raw materials to the final packaging, takes place in Italian facilities

We do not send free samples, simply because one or two days of treatment are not enough to appreciate and evaluate the effects and quality of our products. However, please note that each package of X115®+PLUS2 New Generation Skin Care comes with a free 5ml sample of New Generation Cream.

Yes, we can ship to all European Union countries. We do not ship to Switzerland. You can go to www.x115.it/shop.html to place your orders online. However, for a faster and more secure order, we recommend that you purchase from our Official Amazon Channels for France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.